Sunday, July 02, 2006

020 - Dave Talks about Ultimate Fighting - DHS Tech

Listen Now - 020 - Dave Talks about Ultimate Fighting - DHS Tech
6 2, 2006

Dave is an ultimate Fighter! This recording was done as an instruction on how to do podcasting in my Web Design class. I had a couple of recordings on my site that were not editable in audacity for some reason, so I asked for a volunteer from the class.

Dave volunteered, and as I asked him a few questions to figure out what we should talk about, one of his classmates said that he does ultimate fighting. I didn't know much about ultimate fighting, so I asked him a few questions about it and why he does it. There were actually three interviews, but on the first two the recorder failed bacause the batteries were dead. It provided a good illustration of equipment failure and how to recover from it.

Once I got a reasonably good set of questions and responses I brought it over to the computer with the wide screen display. I then edited the audio while explaining what I was doing. Before starting I said that I would have to get rid of the clicks at the beginning and end of the recording, and that I would kill off any dead end questions. While I was in there, I decided to pull out some pauses and 'ummm's. The resulting recording is pretty coherent and flows nicely.

After making the recording (and recovering from a few mistakes in edit) I opened the xml document and added the data for this entry of the podcast. When the whole thing was done, I uploaded the two files to the server, updated it in iTunes and played the new file.

One period, and the whole thing was complete. It was fun to do it and explain it at the same time.


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