Thursday, August 16, 2007

change in concept - Fussing With Stuff

In this post I am shifting away from my previous concept with this blog. What I was doing before was using the blog only as a way of showing the podcast material. Every post had to have a picture from my flickr account and had to connect to the fussing with stuff podcast. While this did help for a while, the personally imposed restrictions have held me back from posting for over a year now. Basically, it was too complex. I have still continued to make audio recordings, some video as well, and also shoot lots of pictures. But having to make each entry tie to the edited, xml enabled audio file is too cumbersome. It is my hope that relaxing some of the requirements will enable me to use the blog to point out interesting things found online and in the real world. At times there will be audio or video to go with the entries, other times there won't.

Let the postings begin!



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