Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creepy baby

2009-10-31 20.35.07.jpg, originally uploaded by connors934.

It was getting close to trick or treat time, and I needed something quick. Looking around, I remembered the dismembered dumpscore doll under the desk. Glowing eyes. That's what she needed. Red? sure, but wait, how about these multicolored blinky ones from Jimmie's throwie workshop? Yeah, that'll work. Fire up the Dremel, do a little eye surgery.

Next the circuit. Cut up a piece of stranded CAT5 cable to bring the connections down. Test the polarity before soldering. Put a little heat shrink on the wires before soldering, then move it into place after the connection is cool. Next up, a red LED for the heart. I dug out a 2AA battery pack for the power. The last part of the circuit was a switch so that it could be turned on and off for dramatic effect. Stuff the blinky LEDs into the head cavity, fit them into the eyes, then put the battery pack into the back area. The head is held in place with a zip tie, and she's dressed in some old doll clothes. She took an hour or so of fiddling, but everything in the supplies was already in the room when I started.

Out on Halloween night, she was a hit. I carried her in a sling, just like her older sister when she was a baby. Every so often I would ask people if they would like to see my new baby. As they got close, I flipped the eyes on with the switch behind her neck. Good response. Surprisingly, she raked in a bunch of candy of her own.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breadboard Western

Capacitors ride the posse on their resistor steeds. Disc and electrolytic duel it out in the electron saloon. Aliens anyone?

From Star at Miters - Link

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