Wednesday, August 29, 2007

South Africa and Malawi

The photos are finally up! We travelled to South Africa for a week, then four more weeks in Malawi. Organizing and uploading the photos has been far more time consuming than anticapated. Fortunately, all the photos have tags and are organized in sets. At this writing, all the sets are automatically regenerated, but some of the sets will be reset to be just the best of the images. If you have any opinions on the photos, feel free to comment on or favorite them.

Below are links:

This is a big collection of photos, so the 'best of' set will be in transition for a while after this posting - My faves, Africa 2007

Here is a collection of Africa photos - Link

Africa Travels Wiki - Emails and notes from the travels

The pendulum project supports AIDS orphans in part through Paradiso

Peace Corps Malawi is experimenting with a ground nut sheller from the Full Belly Project. Here are some photos of the ground nut sheller in action.

Stonebreakers - Breaking rocks by hand without slaves or prisoners

Full collection - Warning, this is a very large set - South Africa and Malawi