Monday, November 03, 2008

Vibrobot workshop at Duxbury Student Union

Calling all Tinkerers!

Do you enjoy tinkering with broken parts to make them work? Do you like knowing how motors and systems do what they do? If you are a girl or boy aged 12-18, you might like to make "The Vibrabot", a twitchy, bug-like robot with a toy motor and a mint tin. The project is featured on the cover and page 119 of Make Magazine #10 from O'Reilly Publications.

This introductory and experimental program is designed to develop curiosity, problem solving techniques and mesh the various mediums of documenting to build confidence and know-how for future projects. In the future, the Duxbury Student Union would like to create more workshops and experiences that help girls and boys take creative control over the systems and devices that they use every day.

This introductory session is offered free of charge this Friday, November 7th from 2.30pm - 5.00pm at the Duxbury Student Union. This workshop, led by Duxbury Technology and Engineering teacher Chris Connors, Alec Resnick from and several collaborators will be documented with photography and video to be included on the Make Magazine website

To register, please call Sue Lawrence at 781.934.2290. Space may be limited to ensure that girls and boys have access to this workshop.

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