Monday, July 03, 2006

030 - Nick Created a Hoverboard!

Listen Now - 030 - Nick Created a Hoverboard!
June 28, 2006
This audio file cannot be edited in audacity, so it is left unedited as a wav file. Ideally, it should be shortened towards the end. There is probably an extra minute or two of riding noises.
Nick created a hoverboard!
It needs to be wider for stability. The skirt material is a painting drop cloth from home depot. He bought a big sheet of it and just used a bit of it. Other than that, everything was just stuff we found around the shop.

Here's a recording of how it went during one class. The audio is a little rich on the trumpeting sounds, of air escaping the skirt, but most of the details about the design are on the recording.
Here is his wiki -
Photos -


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